Overview of the Rainbow Riches Power Pitch

It’s hard to remember a time when slot players, especially British ones, didn’t know about the Rainbow Riches series. Since 2008, when the original Rainbow Riches game was debuted with a £500 prize, the company has come a long way. The Irish leprechaun motif was a refreshing departure from the usual fare of fruit machines, and contributed to the game’s overall success. It quickly became a player favorite at pubs and entertainment venues around the UK, and if there were a slot equivalent to national treasures, it would be considered a national treasure. Many offshoots have been created from it, including Midnight Magic, Cluster Magic, Posts of Gold, and Megaways.

Although the gameplay of Light & wonder’s latest Rainbow Riches game, Power Pitch, is quite simplistic, gamers can look forward to the series’ signature vintage aesthetic and the genre’s usual spectacular potential. Green fields, a cobblestone walkway, distant mountains, azure skies, and a pot o’ riches await players in this 5-reel, 3-row grid slot game called Rainbow Riches Power Pitch. The music has a mesmerizing quality that is characteristic of the series as a whole. Being a classic brand and all, it would be inappropriate to make radical changes to the visual presentation.

To avoid becoming too sentimental, let’s examine some of Light & Wonder’s official statistics. With its medium-high volatility mathematical approach, Rainbow Riches Power Pitch’s 10 fixed paylines pay horizontally from left to right. Bets start at 0.10 p/c and go up to £/€50.00 a spin, and you can play on any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. There are two RTP models to keep in mind, the highest of which is 96%.

The symbols are straightforward and faithful to the Irish theme, contributing to the slot’s traditional throwback vibe. Card values A through J are the lowest paying symbols, earning between 0.5x and 10x the wager. A horseshoe or harp will return 2 times your wager, while a leprechaun’s hat will return 30 times yours. Up next are mushrooms, which pay out between 3x and 100x your wager, and the Rainbow Riches icon, which pays out between 5x and 200x your wager.

The phrase “Bonus” is inscribed underneath a gold pot that contains the scatter symbol, which is a colorful rainbow that emerges from the pot. The wild is the final icon to discuss. This icon can show up on any reel and replace any other icon besides the scatter.

Slot Features Power Pitch for Rainbow Riches

The Power Pitch is the only real extra in Rainbow Riches Power Pitch. However, there are a variety of methods for setting it off.

Premium Content

As was previously noted, Premium Play may be used to activate Power Pitch. The crown button located to the right of the reels is used for this purpose. This gives you the choice of betting $/€2.00, $/€5.00, or $/€10.00 on each spin. When you get the necessary three scatter symbols to activate the feature, the size of the grid is determined by how much you bet. There are three possible initial grid sizes (9×5, 10×5, and 11×5).

Only bonus and coin symbols are allowed to land on the single payline of the 3×3 grid in the Premium Play bonus round. As a result, you’ll either win a cash award if you fall on coins, or you’ll activate the Power Pitch bonus. Your wager will be multiplied by 2, 4, or 5 times if you get 1, 2, or 3 coins, respectively.

Strong Offer

The Power Pitch function is essentially a hold and re-spin function with a few helpful alterations. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols or choose to wager £/€2.00, £/€5.00, or £/€10.00 per spin in the Premium Play feature, the grid size will change from 9×5 to 10×5 to 11×5.

If you land a multiplier or one of the four modifier symbols, your initial three re-spins will be re-issued in Power Pitch. These adverbs are:

Wishing Well: This icon sums up all the multipliers in play and uses the sum as its own.

The rainbow will increase the amount of free spins by one.

Fairy: The fairy will float out across the reels and double by two any multipliers it lands on.

When a leprechaun appears, the multiplier of any adjacent symbols is increased by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 times. In the event that a multiplier sign is already active, it will be enhanced. If the tile is blank, the multiplier will be saved until a sign appears.

If you manage to cover a whole 11×5 grid with symbols, the Power Pitch feature’s last trick will be activated, awarding you the 10,000x jackpot.

Slot Recommendation: Rainbow Riches

The Rainbow Riches Power Pitch from Light & Wonders: What do you think? Do we really need yet another book in the seemingly interminable Rainbow Riches series? Both, actually. Nothing fancy or unique is being offered, and everything is stripped down to the absolute minimum. In terms of visuals, it’s identical to every other Rainbow Riches game ever made. But that’s the goal, too. It’s supposed to make you feel a specific way and has a nostalgic, classic feel. As such, it is written for a certain demographic.

This version’s features and, of course, its extremely generous maximum win sum of 10,000x the stake, are what attract players. With Premium Play, you have a one hundred percent chance of activating Power Pitch and winning up to a fivefold multiplier on your cash prizes. It’s not hard to justify spending the money on that alternative. The game focuses on the Power Pitch feature, which is really simply a hold-and-win mechanic despite including certain modifiers and some entertaining animations. Do you think it’s a poor idea? No. Was it something that made us want to play the game again? No.

As a whole, Rainbow Riches Power Pitch is intended at the UK-based series’ most devoted followers, who are more likely to be casual gamers interested in a simple game with big payouts than dedicated gamers drawn to cutting-edge video games.

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